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Curry dishes – full of spices and herbs, that heal and give flavour.

Curry dishes are one of the healthiest foods. Multiple studies show that Hindu, Japanese and Malayan are one of the healthies people in the world. They’re much more immune to cancer and civilization diseases.

Why is that?

The secret lies in diets rich in spices and vegetables. Curries are very complex meals, containing all of the macro i micro nutrients you need.

Spices and herbs play a key role not only in the taste of a dish but also in it’s properities. Very spicy dishes will help you cool down during hot days, and mild, comforting curries will be great to worm yourself up.

Studies have shown that spices like coriander, cinnamon, ginger or turmeric are beneficial for our digestion and gut health.

Cinnnamon and ginger have very strong antiseptic and bactericidal properities. Chili helps with staing in good mental health condition – it contains capsaicin that helps endorphine stimulation. Some even say that you might get addicted!