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What is the secret of our food?

The quality of our ingridients and authentic recipies. Creating Hurry Curry we wanted to offer something healthier, better and tastier. Our food is absolutely authentic.


My name is Kasia Nowak and I want to tell you a bit about my restaurant. “Hurry Curry” is our idea of a family business. The first spark came to me and my husband while we were travelling. Travel is the key to understanding the idea of Hurry Curry. Without our love and passion for seeing new places, meeting new people and tasting the world, we wouldn’t be here!

The late 90s and early 2000s was an amazing time for us – twenty-something year olds, a couple of hundred dollars, a passport and a few months of vacation as university students! What else could a young person possibly dream of? This is when, with a few friends, that decided to travel overland from Katowice to Calcutta. We saw so many beautiful places (some of which sadly no longer exist nowadays) and for a few packs of cigarettes and West German marks we moved by a train through East Europe, the Balkans, to Athens and finally, over sea, to Alexandria in Egypt.

Everywhere we went we were surrounded by aromatic and exotic herbs and spices, which we had never heard of before. Everything was so new and interesting!

Later we spent many months in Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, India and then two years in one of the most culturally diverse cities on the planet – Sydney. That’s when we realised that the best things in the world comes from different cultures mixing and living close to each other and that being open to what the World has to offer is the best way to live. After all, can you imagine Italian cuisine without tomatoes? Or Eastern Europe without potatoes?

This is exactly what inspired us. We wanted to open a casual, non-fancy place, where everyone can try different foods from various places, not only in Asia, but the rest of the World. We’ve always loved curry, so that became the “theme” of our restaurant.

Each dish served in Hurry Curry is made from an original recipe that has been developed by me or the people I work with. Some of the recipes I’ve come up with myself, by making a variation of a dish that already exist. We even serve a few dishes that have been composed by me “from scratch”.