What is the secret of our food?

The quality of our ingridients and authentic recipies. Creating Hurry Curry we wanted to offer something healthier, better and tastier. Our food is absolutely authentic.

Why Hurry Curry?

Hurry Curry was born from love for traveling and dreams about independence. In the year 1993 Poland was just strating to open up for the world. We were luck enough and we got to travel not only to the countries close to Poland, but also Asia. Our passion for traveling started in high school and it stayed with us for ever.

At first, things like coriander, ginger and chili were scary to our bland palate, but soon they bacame a synonym for comfort and delicious home-made food. We thought “why not share this experience with others?” and that’s how we came up with Hurry Curry
We hope that our food can inspire others to try different cousines and not be afriad to experiment with different tastes. Through our food we want to introduce others to all these different cultueres. That’s why we sell food from many different countries and even continents. Withouth generalization and with respect for all dishes.